Project Description

Fruit Pulps MisterMix

Quality, passion and creativity are the ral ingredients of the Fruit Pulp MisterMix line, where the flavour and aroma of the fresh fruit are combined with the right fluidity to ensure a top mixability result.

• Quality: We use excellent juices, concentrated fruit pulps and raw materials
• Full Bodied: The perfect consistency of the pulp allows the ingredients to link together
• Fluidity: The correct percentage of juice ad fruit pulp makes the product easy to work with


α) Place in the granita machine5 lt water και 750 ml fruit pulp Mister Mix
β) For preparation of granita in blender add 60ml νερό 40-60 ml fruit pulp Mister Mix and a glass of ice cubes

ΤPlace in a blender 40-60 ml fruit pulp Mister Mix, 60 ml milk, 60 ml yoghurt and 10 ice cubes

Dilute 1 part πfruit pulp Mister Mix in 7 parts of water

Place a quantity of fruit pulp Mister Mix without diluting, in a blender, shaker or glass. Depending on the cocktail is given below and indicative dosage.

• Frozen cocktails Max 30-60 ml mister mix per cocktail
• Long drinks & crushed drinks 1 part mister mix for 6 parts of drink
• Non-alcoholic dry drinks 1 part mister mix for 6 parts of juice
• Non-alcoholic sweet drinks 1 part mister mix for 5 parts of juice
• Sparkling 1 part mister mix for 7 parts Prosecco

• Strawberry
• Peach
• Coconut
• Banana
• Mixed berries
• Pineapple
• Kiwi
• Passion fruit
• Green apple
• Papaya
• Cranberry
• Melon
• Grenadine
• Raspberry
• Mango
• Sweet and Sour Lemon
• Lemon juice
• Lime juice
• Liquid Brown Sugar

Packaging: 750g Bottle