Project Description

Easy Ice Cream/Soft

Quality ice cream fast and easy. For use in ice cream or soft ice cream machines.

  • Soft ice cream mix – Chocolate flavor 2kg
  • Soft ice cream mix – Fior di latte flavor 2kg
  • Soft ice cream mix – Vanilla with berries 2kg
  • Frozen Yogurt mix 2kg
  • Frozen Yogurt T mix 2kg
  • Sorbet mix Watermelon flavor – Anguria 1,25kg
  • Sorbet mix Chocolate flavor – Nero Cacao 1,35kg
  • Sorbet mix Bitter Chocolate flavor – Fondente Superior 1,4kg
  • Sorbet mix Limoncello flavor 1,25kg
  • Sorbet mix lemon flavor – Limone 1,25kg
  • Sorbet mix tangerine flavor – Mandarino 1,25kg
  • Sorbet – Pronto Limone 1,125kg
  • Spirulì® 1,2kg


Packaging: Bag