Project Description

  Special Bases Vegan – Libera – Stevia

Certified bases for the production of ice cream with special requirements, compliant to the modern nutritional trends.

For the production of stevia ice cream, vegan without dairy products and libera (without Ε, artificial coloring and flavoring).

  • Ice Cream Base with Stevia – SteviaCreme 1kg
  • Stevia Base for Sorbet – SteviaFrutta 1kg
  • Vegan ce Cream Base Vegan 1kg
  • Vegan Ice Cream Base Madeleine 1,185kg
  • Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Base Madeleine Choccolate 1,185kg
  • Ice Cream Base Libera 50 2kg
  • Ice Cream Base Libera 100 2kg
  • Sorbet Base E-ssenza Frutta 2kg

Packaging: Bag